Reading is not just for adults wanting to grow in the faith, but for training up children in godliness as well. Here are a few resources that we think will help along the way.

Family Worship

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New City Catechism

"The New City Catechism is a modern-day resource aimed at helping children and adults alike learn the core doctrines of the Christian faith via 52 questions and answers."

There is a version for kids with shorter answers as well as an app to pracice and songs to sing to help learn the catechisms.


The Jesus Storybook Bible

"While other Kids’ Bibles contain stories from the Old and New Testaments, The Jesus Storybook Bibletells the Story beneath all the stories in the Bible, pointing to Jesus as our Savior. From the Old Testament through the New Testament, as the Story unfolds, children will clearly see that Jesus is at the center of God's great story of salvation—and at the center of their story too."


Old Story New (digital download)

"Suited for children from preschool through high school, this gospel-focused book is full of ten-minute devotions...The consistent and short structure helps children walk through the life-changing truths of the Christian faith in the New Testament—without overwhelming them."


Long Story Short (digital download)

"With just ten minutes a day, five days a week, parents have enough time to pass on the most valuable treasure the world has ever known. Long Story Short is a family devotional program designed to cultivate honest and powerful discussion about the Bible, which is the catalyst for change in children's lives." 


Listen Up: Parables (digital download)

"This family devotional provides a unique opportunity for parents to help their children “listen up” and hear the gospel as Jesus himself shared it. Jesus told simple stories using everyday activities and objects that point to surprising spiritual truths about life in his kingdom. In the parables children (and adults!) will learn to treasure the gospel...Each five-day session includes Bible reading, discussion questions, a fun activity, and songs"


Listen Up: Proverbs

"Each compact session features Bible reading, discussion questions, a fun activity, and a song to keep children engaged in making gospel-motivated good choices. Each wisdom theme in Wise Up is carefully and repeatedly connected to the good news of Jesus’s life, death, resurrection, and coming return. Wise Up moves families beyond the practical wisdom of Proverbs to connect the teaching of Solomon to God’s larger story of salvation."


The Gospel Story Bible

"This gospel-driven resource orients the minds of children toward the wondrous works of God, encouraging them to see Jesus in a larger context of redemptive history. As a treasure for both parents and young children, The Gospel Story Bible traces the gospel through the Bible with clarity and traction for all ages."


The Beginner's Gospel Story Bible

"Through fifty-two Old and New Testament stories, The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible highlights God’s perfect promises. Every page pops with bright colors, playful illustrations, fun learning opportunities, and, best of all each story points children to Jesus."

This is great for toddlers and preschoolers!  

Books We Recommend

God Made Me series "The God Made Me series features beautifully illustrated children’s books created to help guide parents and caretakers toward important, gospel-centered conversations with their kids. The back of each book contains a special section just for parents and caregivers that will guide them in how to have biblical, loving conversations with children and give them additional information and resources to equip them in talking about this important subject."
What Every Child Should Know About God "A systematic theology for kids. Introduces who God is and what he has done in history in terms a 3 year old can understand and anyone can benefit from. A delightful, beautifully illustrated hardcover edition that features clear questions and answers on each page."
What Every Child Should Know About Prayer "Explains in child-friendly language what prayer is, how and why we should pray, and the things we can pray about. There is a Bible verse for each topic, and a prayer for children to make their own. This book will introduce children to the gift of prayer and will encourage them to enjoy speaking to their father God."
Everyone a Child Should Know About "Inspire kids with the life of a hero of the faith. Show young readers God’s faithfulness from generation to generation in the stories of the clouds of witnesses that have gone before them. This follow-up and companion volume to “Everything a Child Should Know about God” features short, fascinating biographies of 52 faithful Christians that will encourage and delight children and parents."
Big Theology for Little Hearts series "Each book in the Big Theology for Little Hearts series introduces a big idea from the Bible with concise definitions and engaging illustrations to help young minds gain a foundational understanding of God's word. With each volume written to complement all the others, this series is designed to help children develop a cohesive framework of theology that includes God, creation, humanity, Jesus, and the gospel-allowing you to start having crucial conversations with your children as early as possible."