Outer Rim People

We asked God to direct our focus to an unreached people group so that we might intentionally join in His work. In His sovereignty, He brought connections from the Outer Rim People (ORP) to our fellowship, showed us His on-going work in the ORP, and invited us to take part in bringing His truth to them. We deisre to walk this out faithfully, relying on the Holy Spirit for wisdom and guidance.

Who are the Outer Rim People (ORP)?

"Outer Rim People" is the term we use for our adopted unreached people group in North Africa. They speak a dialect of Arabic that has no standardized writing system. There are 5 million people in the ORP, and most are Sunni Muslim.

Why adopt an unreached people group (UPG)?

By adopting a UPG, our congregation can concentrate our efforts and resources to bring the gospel to this UPG. We feel a focused approach will have a greater long-term impact, and we desire to give individuals in our church opportunities to bring the gospel to the ends of the earth by praying, giving, and going.