Sunday Morning Gathering

Every Sunday

10:15am – 12:00pm

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10:15 AM is the official start time of what we call Songs of Preparation. It's a moment of settling in and singing songs to prepare our hearts for our time of worship together.

10:30 AM is our official start time for the Sunday Gathering. Most people arrive around 10 to get a cup of coffee and spend some time enjoying one anothers fellowship. The environment is casual, but we take the worship and the Word of God seriously. Expect singing, prayer, possibly a testimony from one of our members or a missionary, and a message-driven by the text of Scripture. Also, we celebrate the Lord's Supper every other Sunday. Come as you are. In worship, we believe God is more concerned with the condition of a person’s heart than the pretense of a person’s appearance. Worship is a rhythm of divine revelation and human response. We follow this rhythm each week as God reveals himself through his Word and we respond with adoration, confession, appreciation, supplication, and commission.